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I’m against cross-posting and feel that, while content may be like water, that doesn’t mean it’s cool to just go around splish-splashing it all over everything in sight. I’m also against disclaimers. And yet…

On to the point and I’d like to share a recent interview I held with Founder and CEO of Aidin, Russ Graney. Aidin is an ambitious app that will better connect patients with post-acute healthcare providers and make the lives of discharge planners easier. A really bright, passionate guy who has done some cool things well before starting a business, such as founding Uncommon Schools in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, is the the of person that inspires me. You can read the interview at my Times Union “Tech” blog.

VB: As a young entrepreneur, how would you compare your current work-life balance to what it was when you were working for someone else?
RG: The difference is that I don’t feel like I’m working here right now. Every day I wake up and it feels like, well, what’s the most exciting thing I could be working on today? And it’s what I’m doing now, which is a phenomenal experience. So, you know, in the traditional sense of work-life balance, it’s disappeared because I’m pretty much working non-stop, but at the same time that work seems like the most exciting and energizing thing I could be doing.

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