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Choe on Doing What He Wants to Do

Back when Facebook wasn’t a household name, Sean Parker & Mark Zuckerberg sought out artist David Choe to pretty the ol’ office up with spraypaint.

David Choe

Choe opted for equity over pay at the time, stating:

“I like to party, I like to gamble.”

“How did you feel when you heard the news that you might be an estimated 200 million dollars?”

“It’s how did I feel about the rest of the world knowing that, which I hated, you know. I was at home, and I was in bed and I got a text message. It was a woman I hadn’t spoken to in five years and she offered me oral sex every day for the rest of my life for 2 million dollars, just out of the blue.”

The thing is, David, that most people would be thrilled by 200 million dollars. For you, it’s causing you pain.

“I cannot buy my privacy back.”

A revealing interview into Choe’s checkered background and values with Barbara Walters:

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