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GrowHack Meetup with Ankur Nagpal

06.11.13 GrowHack Meetup with Ankur Nagpal

Listed below are the overarching topics Ankur Nagpal touched on. Examples and explanations are my own and for better comprehension and retention.

Methods of increasing conversion rate and acquisition:

1. Unique point of entry & UGC (user-generated content), for example, allows users to view content several pages deep, read about a group and its upcoming events with an enticing, yet limited purview. From there, a visitor can become a new user without leaving their view of that specific group (modular window pops up, etc.).

The creation, promotion, and discussion of each Meetup group and event are largely user-generated. Leverage UGC whenever possible.

2. The importance of discovery

He had much success creating apps and games on the Facebook platform. Many of his ideas weren’t novel by subject or mechanism, but in there presentation.

For example, there were many large and reasonably successful trivia applications, Q&A games, and products that offered features a huge range of tests and quizzes they could take. However, people don’t search for or download a generic Trivia app when they want Seinfeld specific questions - partly because they’re not searching for trivia app but Seinfeld trivia, and partly because they often wouldn’t know whether the bulkier app has a Seinfeld section (how are they supposed to know?).

Ankur took one game of the 100s that a certain application provided, tweaked the names a bit, and released ‘How Good of a Lover Are You?’. This title in the legacy game was placed alongside 50 or 60 other similar quizzes. However, Ankur’s single quiz quickly exceeded the membership of the competitor platform’s applications with 50+ games.

3. Send your friends a bible verse, and send your friends a hug were hugely popular on Facebook

4. Leverage events, be reactive

After the tragedy that took place at the Boston Marathon, Tee Spring ran a promotion to help raise money for victims and create shirts for those affected. The result? A lot of users, and some positive brand equity.

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