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On Resuming

In writing this post, I mark the revival of as a location where I practice organizing a set of thoughts and feelings into a structure to be understood by some population of readers.

If I am able to communicate with even a population of one, beginning with myself, the (occasional) editor and reader, then I will consider my effort worthwhile.

I think that would be really rewarding actually.

And so here I am, finding that perhaps the most challenging part of starting emerges when one fixates on finishing, and what is required to reach this elusive destination. Nothing, in fact, is required. I could end right he–

But I don’t.

It is awfully tempting to indulge my desire to call this draft 0 in order to flesh out an anecdote or another element from which I can ‘hang’ this post.

Leaving the post right here, right where it is, would like assembling, painting, and mounting a coat rack on a wall in my apartment only to realize I had nothign to hang on it. Maybe a belt? Still, it feels empty.

Rummaging my attic for coats, or any other garment with a loop intended for hanging, is tempting. But, I’m certain that I don’t have an attic. If I did, my air conditioner would not be serving as a foot stool on October 29th in New York.

I could go out and buy a coat for the sole purpose of giving my coat rack purpose. To do this would be to buy a coat that I may never even wear, that I may come to do battle with each time I enter and exit my apartment, and that I would eventually discard, perhaps along with the coat rack.

This realization may lead me to never buy another garment in my life.

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