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On Will

I can’t help be but held captive and mesmerized by life experiences that depict the extreme triumph of will and examples of “life hacking” – that is getting from Point A to Point B in an unconventional, yet effective, manner.

Dawn Loggins’s journey to Harvard University is a good example, as is Gac Filipaj‘s, and many other heroes whose stories will go unsung. The Tailored Scholar Blog describes Dawn’s senior year:

”She also worked as a janitor, studied advanced-placement classes by candlelight in a hovel with no running water, and fiercely overcame the fact she was abandoned and left homeless by drug-addicted parents.”

That’s some ferocity alright. Enormous congratulations to Dawn.

Hopefully, her story can serve as a tale of hope to motivate the many adolescents in similar, or worse, situations.

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