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Passion, Courage or Insanity? Man Climbs Mountain Really Fast (Without Rope

Dan Osman, a free soloist rock climber, is an outlier.

His fearlessness is a spectacle.

At 1:10, Dan leaps from the mountain side – completely losing contact with the rock – and catches his next hold by 8 fingers.

Regarded as living a “bohemian lifestyle,” Dan spent the least of his time working and the most of it overcoming one of our primal fears: falling. Dan climbs mountains without a rope, without support, and thus without excess.

After a life of taking risks without any safety net, Dan died at age 35 doing a “controlled free jump.” He passed the risk from his hands to the threads of a rope, and the rope was the first to break.

For more on Dan and his pre-ascent rituals, read The Precipitous World of Dan Osman.

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