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Mock User Acquisition Plan Based on Asana

At the close of my 10-week User Acquisition Marketing course at General Assembly, I was tasked with designing a feasible user acquisition plan with logical hypotheses. I chose to use Asana as the subject of my mock plan. [1]

The plan includes:

  • A complete media plan infused with back-o-the-envelope calculations estimating CLV (customer lifetime value) and CAC (customer acquisition cost)
  • A few channels: paid search, display, social, content, and earned media
  • Rube Goldberg- and Occam’s Razor-influenced creative
  • An image from one of my favorite books on the closing slide

Check it out below or over at Slideshare. Feel free to leave feedback and, if you want a copy, just email me and it’s yours.

Nods and thanks to instructors Kate Huyett and Rob Schutz who lead an awesome course.

[1] I am not affiliated with Asana and the plan is purely an exercise.

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